Focus is a demountable wall system that delivers a comprehensive range of acoustic performance with a clean, European aesthetic. It seamlessly integrates a variety of glass and solid fascia configurations to create effective, modern workspaces. Focus offers a tailored approach to specific environments with its acoustic and visual continuity, and matching wall and door pairings. Frame and trim components are light in proportion through seamless in-line and corner connections, providing a minimal architectural presence.


Focus offers single glazing, double glazing and solid fascia options to provide varied levels of acoustic opportunities to suit any and all privacy needs. Numerous door options allow for pairing and alignment with all fascia configurations, providing optimal acoustic performance across the entire system.


Refined, minimal profiles and seamless glass joints offer maximum full-height transparency and subtle space division. Factory-cut framing elements deliver a precise fit and finish across the storefront.


Focus is tailor fit to accommodate specific site variations, which allows the system to maintain a low-profile aesthetic.